Accidents in the Gym

Many of us choose to go to gyms get healthy, stay in shape, and have fun. The level of people with gym memberships or actively attending exercise classes has never been higher– it’s an important part of our weekly routine. However, gyms can also be dangerous places containing heavy specialist equipment with moving parts that can cause serious harm or even death. Because of this, it’s essential that strict health and safety rules are followed.

Gym staff should receive the correct training to minimise your risk of being injured, and in turn should give you appropriate advice so that you do not hurt yourself when using the machines. Gyms and fitness centres have a duty of care to keep you safe while you’re training, so you could make a gym injury compensation claim if you’ve been hurt as a result of:

• Faulty equipment
• Instructors providing poor advice on how to exercise on how to exercise or use the equipment
• Hazards not being cleared away (e.g. water spills, free weights).

At MulhollandLAW we have a specialist team who know how to get you the compensation you deserve if you’ve been injured in a gym or leisure centre. We have years of experience in helping clients after gym accidents and could help you access the rehabilitation you need to make the best recovery you can from your injuries.

*In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement. It is our policy to provide a highly efficient costs effective service for all our clients. Every MulhollandLAW client will be furnished with a Section 150 letter at the outset of litigation in promotion of the Legal Services Regulation Act 2015.

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