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The Parole Board is an independent statutory body that considers applications for parole from prisoners serving life sentences once the prisoners concerned have served at least 12 years of their sentence.

Principal solicitor Ciarán Mulholland has been appointed to the Parole Board Legal Representatives Panel to provide legal services in accordance with the provisions of the Parole Act 2019

Prisoners who are eligible who wish to access legal representation with regard to parole application can contact our office.

Life-sentence prisoners must now serve 12 years before being considered for parole, compared to the previous 7 years

  • statutory Parole Board now established with Chairperson and 12 board members
  • new board members have experience of working with victims and prisoners
  • all sections of the Act commenced on July 30; July 31 establishment day for new Parole Board

The Minister for Justice, Heather Humphreys TD, has announced the establishment of the new Parole Board and the commencement of the Parole Act.

The purpose of the Act is to place the parole process on a statutory footing, and establish an independent, statutory Parole Board to decide on parole applications.

The Act sets out clear and transparent criteria for how the Board will reach its decisions, which will be independent of the Minister of the day.

Following the commencement of the Act on 30 July, the time which must be served by a life-sentence prisoner before being considered for parole has now increased to 12 years, compared to the previous 7 years.

The average sentence served in the last ten years before a life sentenced prisoner is released on parole is 18 years, and in 2019 it was 20 years.

31 July was designated as establishment day for the new Parole Board, and the announcement by Minister Humphreys follows a promise by Minister Helen McEntee that the government would establish the new Parole Board and commence the Act by July.

The establishment of the Parole Board on a statutory footing is a priority action under Justice Plan 2021 and is a key commitment in the Programme for Government.


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