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At Mulholland Law, we specialise in legacy litigation arising from the recent conflict on our Island, often referred to as ‘The Troubles’.

At Mulholland Law, we specialise in legacy litigation arising from the recent conflict on our Island, often referred to as ‘The Troubles’. Our unique position on the Louth border combined with dual experience practicing in both Northern and Southern Irish jurisdictions enables us to handle cases that arise, navigating the complex and unprecedented challenges that emerge from the historical conflict.

Our primary focus is on assisting families who have endured bereavement or injury as a direct result of the conflict in their quest for truth and justice. We wholeheartedly commit ourselves to representing these families in litigation before the courts. Within the realm of legacy litigation, we have been involved in various strands of cases, ranging from complex inquests and criminal investigations to civil actions seeking justice and damages for state collusion or unlawful killings perpetrated by different authorities or combatants.

One glaring issue that significantly impacts legacy litigation is the absence of a human rights compliant investigative process to thoroughly examine past events exasperate with no genuine independent police oversight. As a consequence of this deficiency, victims are left with no choice but to seek justice through litigation in the courts. We understand the challenges faced by these victims, and it is our unwavering commitment to uphold and vindicate their rights within the existing legal framework.

In the larger context of the United Kingdom, it is imperative to consider the potential impact of the Legacy Troubles Bill on future legacy cases. This significant piece of legislation, proposed in the UK, aims to address the handling of legacy cases related to the conflict in Northern Ireland with implications on victims and survivors in the Republican of Ireland.

At Mulholland Law, we are driven by a deep understanding of the challenges faced by victims and survivors, and we fervently advocate for immediate government action to address the disparities that exist between jurisdictions on this shared Island. We share the frustrations expressed by our principal solicitor, Ciarán Mulholland, who rightfully highlights the need for real police accountability, a reformed coronial system, and a comprehensive legal aid system in this jurisdiction as the absence is dereliction of the Dublin Government obligations as a guarantor of the Good Friday Agreement. It is our belief that these actions are essential to ensuring equal access to justice for all those impacted by the conflict, regardless of their geographical location or means.

In addition to the challenges posed by the contrasting jurisdictions and the need for bilateral government action, it is essential to acknowledge another significant obstacle that hinders the pursuit of justice for families involved in legacy litigation: the absence of legal aid assistance.

Engaging in complex legal cases, especially those related to legacy matters, requires extensive resources, expertise, and financial support. Unfortunately, families seeking justice often face the burden of limited financial means and are unable to bear the costs associated with legal representation.

The absence of civil legal aid for families in this jurisdiction is a glaring omission that perpetuates an imbalance in the ability to pursue justice for those affected by the conflict. It is an issue that demands immediate attention and remedy to ensure equal access to legal representation and a fair chance at pursuing their cases.

At Mulholland Law we firmly believe that equal access to justice should not be determined by geographical location or financial resources. It is imperative that steps are taken to address the lack of civil legal aid, as doing so would provide families with the support they need and deserve to navigate the complexities of legacy litigation and pursue justice in a fair and meaningful manner.




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