Regulatory Law

Prosecutions in matters of ‘White Collar Crime’ have become more frequent in recent years, most notably following the Banking crash and economic turmoil witnessed thereafter.

Criminal prosecutions are not limited to the just the financial institutions. These can range from Professional Regulatory Bodies and the Health and Safety Authority to the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner initiating investigations and prosecutions.

We believe that experienced trial lawyers and strong litigators are essential to adequately advise a client who may be subject to regulatory investigation which may lead to a Garda investigation and criminal proceedings.

MulhollandLAW specialise in white-collar crime. This niche area requires a rapid response and strategies urgently. Stakes can be high as these type complex matters arise in a corporate, commercial context.

Our tailored approach delivers solutions which are aimed at situations when a criminal investigator enjoys considerable powers to enter, search and freeze your assets. In such situations you must seek legal help as quickly as possible to limit reputational and financial damage. We will advise you on your rights as well as a collaborative approach to deal with all related aspects to include public relations and reputation.

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