Civil Liberties & Human Rights Law

Everything we do at MulhollandLAW will be impacted by Human Rights Law.

In Ireland, the legality of Human Rights was determined for many years by domestic case law developed by the Courts and the Irish Constitution, Bunreacht na Éireann. However International Law has also contributed to the area of Human Rights Law. Since Ireland joined the European Union, a very substantial and extremely influential body of law has further developed and expanded the area of Human Rights Law in Ireland. Our Constitution, in combination with the European Convention on Human Rights, plays a central role in all aspects of civic life.

Our firm retains a dedicated interest in assisting members of the public who have suffered and continue to suffer infringements of their basic civil liberties. The introduction of the European Convention on Human Rights into domestic law in 2003 arising from the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 has impacted every area of law, and places obligations on all institutions and agents of the State.

There is a positive obligation upon the Irish Courts and State authorities to protect the rights outlined in the Convention across all areas of law. Mulholland Law provide advocacy and representation, to those vulnerable citizens who feel that their voice is ignored.

Promoting civil liberties and equality is central to this area of practice and our office provides proactive advice, guidance and representation. We have access to a great network of activists and professionals throughout the Island and Continent from elected representatives of the Oireachtas to NGOs in Dublin and Brussels.

Do not ever feel alone in your fight for justice – we can help at Mulholland Law.

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