Criminal Assets Bureau and Revenue

Mulholland Law is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal representation and advice to our clients

Mulholland Law is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal representation and advice to our clients. We have represented clients who have been subjected to investigation from the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) and the Revenue. 

Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB)

The Criminal Assets Bureau is responsible for targeting and seizing the proceeds of crime. This includes any property or assets that have been obtained through illegal activities such as drug trafficking, money laundering, and other forms of organised crime. CAB has the power to seize and sell assets, freeze bank accounts and conduct investigations into individuals who they suspect have been involved in criminal activities.

If you are the subject of a CAB investigation, it is essential that you seek legal advice immediately. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in dealing with CAB cases We work closely with forensic accountants, tax advisors and counsel to ensure the best advice is always offered. We can advise you on your legal rights and represent you throughout the investigation process, ensuring that your interests are protected at all times.


The Revenue is the Irish tax authority responsible for the collection of taxes and duties. If you are under investigation by the Revenue, this can be a daunting and stressful experience. The Revenue has extensive powers to conduct investigations and audits into individuals and businesses, and failure to comply with their requests can result in serious consequences.

At Mulholland Law, we can provide you with expert legal advice and representation in all matters relating to Revenue investigations. We have extensive experience in dealing with the Revenue and can assist you in responding to their requests and representing you in any disputes or appeals.

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