Flight Accident Claims

Flight accident claims relate to personal injuries suffered while travelling on an aircraft, and that doesn’t matter what was your reason for traveling on the airplane. Many accidents occur when either embarking or disembarking an aircraft or while on flights for various different reasons. If this has happened to you, then you may be entitled to make a claim.

Personal injuries that occur on aircraft are cover by the 1999 Montreal Convention. It had the aim that there could be a worldwide set of rules for air travel to protect passengers, set minimum liability standards and the extent of monies payable for damages suffered by the passengers.

Types of Airplane Accidents

Below is a list of common causes of accidents on aircraft;

  • Items falling from unsecured overhead lockers.
  • Accidents causing burns or other injuries when serving hot food and drinks.
  • Falls inside the aircraft.
  • Unexpected turbulence.
  • Damage to, destruction of, or loss of checked baggage. It is the responsibility of the airline during the period the baggage is in the possession of the airline. This only comes into place after the baggage is checked into the airline. In the event of unchecked hand luggage the airline is only responsible for any damage caused by the actions of an employee of the airline.
  • Damage to Cargo. The airline is liable to pay for damages to luggage in the aircraft’s cargo hold if damaged was sustained while in flight.

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