Flight Delay

If your flight was delayed, cancelled, re-routed or even if you were denied boarding you may be entitled to get compensation.

In respect of flights departing from an airport in the EU, and flights operated by a Community air carrier departing from an airport in a third country to an airport in the EU (unless you received benefits or compensation and were given assistance in that third country); – on condition that you have a confirmed reservation on the flight concerned and present yourself for check-in as stipulated and at the time indicated in advance and in writing or electronically, or, if no time is indicated, not later than 45 minutes before the published departure time; – only to passengers travelling at a fare available directly or indirectly to the public, or on tickets issued under a frequent flyer programme or other commercial programme.

Rules for Compensation

Compensation can be claimed where you are delayed in arriving at your final destination by more than three hours and that delay arises from causes within our control (rather than extraordinary circumstances which could not have been avoided by taking all reasonable measures). The compensation levels are as follows: (a) EUR 250 for all flights of 1,500 kilometres or less; (b) EUR 400 for all intra-Community flights of more than 1,500 kilometres, and for all other flights between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometres; (c) EUR 600 for all flights not falling under (a) or (b) of this paragraph. The amount of the compensation is reduced by 50% for flights longer than 3,500 kilometers if any re-routing offered to your final destination results in your arrival within four hours of the scheduled arrival time of the original flight.

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